Tributes to Henry Bloch


"When I started working at H&R Block in 1997, Henry was the Chairman of the Board. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him one day as a new employee and he wanted to know all about me. Why did I work for him? How did I get to KC and into technology from being a farm girl from Nebraska, he asked. And, he wanted to know how my family was doing with the farming economy. From that day on if I saw him, he knew my name. I ran into he and his wife having breakfast in Mission with my daughter and he was truly the "millionare next door" type and so genuine. One of my fondest memories was when he spoke at a luncheon to the employees and apologized that with the size of the company he was not personally able to know everyone anymore. He was an amazing leader and I am thankful our paths crossed. Rest in Peace Mr. Bloch and condolences to family and those close to him."

- Cheryl Prochaska Nelson

"I truly believe in what Mr. Bloch stood for. I have been a CSP for 13 years for H&R Block. My prayers and deepest sympathy goes out to his family."

- Mary Ohm

"For a man whose accomplishments were the most significant of any individual who grew up in Kansas City, what was most remarkable about Henry Bloch was his consistent humility and kindness to others. To our observation, he was kind and respectful to everyone he met. Henry Bloch's contributions to Kansas City will long endure, particularly his incredible contributions to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. We believe that the way he conducted himself throughout his entire life will also be long remembered, with great appreciation."

- George and Theresa Barton

""We look at your life through taxes and try to help." Many people were helped by visiting an H&R Block office. Taxes are a reflection of a person's wealth, health, faith and personal choices. For many, the buffer between their lives and the federal gov't was H&R Block and it came as a relief. The company truly is "service". The values stem from the man and his beliefs. He has touched so many lives. It was a privilege helping people, working on his behalf. A great life remembered."

- Wayne Breen Arnprior On Cda

"My deepest condolences to family and friends. I have only known the business side of Henry, was so honoured to read the personal. An amazing life led by an amazing man. It is a pleasure working for a company that was started by such an inspiring team."

- Amy Wikiruk, H&R Block Tax Professional, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada